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Anthropics Technology Ltd: World leaders in digital human representation

Anthropics Technology Ltd is a London based software company doing pioneering work in digital human representation and animation. Over the past 5 years Anthropics has developed world beating technologies which have been used by major mobile telecommunications companies, including Nokia, Vodafone, Telefonica, O2, 3, and many other mobile operators.

The company has also won research contracts from the UK government and the European Union, as well as large companies including Intel. The company has also won a number of industry awards, and was selected by the UKs Department of Trade and Industry as one of five research organizations presented to foreign governments as part of the Powerhouse UK initiative.

Anthropics Company History

In 1997 the National Film and Television School, the United Kingdom's premier media education institution, founded a research lab with UK government funding with the mission to 'invent the future for digital media'. This was funded 50% by the UK government and 50% by UK industry sources.

In 2001 this research was spun out into Anthropics Technology Limited, which was initially funded by UK angel investors, with a view to commercially exploit the award winning research. In August 2001 Anthropics closed a £5.7m investment which was led by Quester VCT (a UK venture capital firm) and included Skandia Media Invest (a VC unit of Skandia), one of Sweden's largest conglomerates, and also Sky Ventures (a Swedish venture house owned by Skandia Insurance).

Since this investment the company has developed a number of state of the art face tracking and animation systems used principally by television companies and mobile operators across the globe.

Most recently, the company has used its expertise in digital human representation to develop unique software that can automatically beautify human faces.

This has been incorporated into My Perfect Picture, a software program that can automatically beautify faces in photographs by removing skin blemishes, enhancing the lighting and even subtly re-sculpting a subject's face to make the subject look as good as he or she can.