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October 16th 2006 - Anthropics Technology announces new milestone in image processing techniques

For those in the photographic industry this is a complementary tool that can reduce retouching time by upwards of 80% per image, and for the keen amateur this is a package that can create results previously unattainable without becoming a highly adept Photoshop user. Click here to see the press release.

September 28th 2006 - Guardian - Software to bring out the beauty in all of us

A new service launched earlier this month from Anthropics will do what many professional photographers and graphic designers can already do with Adobe's image manipulation program Photoshop - but a lot faster - by removing blemishes, wrinkles and glare caused by harsh lighting. But that's not all: it can rejig the contours of female faces to make them look more attractive. Click here to see the article.

September 20th 2006 - bliss - Airbrush Me

Look gorgeous in all your pics. Click here to see the article.

September 1st 2006 - More - Airbrush Me

We’ve got hold of a fantastic new package to radically improve the appearance of photos in digital photographs. Its amazing technology means that you can literally airbrush yourself to get rid of spots, wrinkles and signs of aging. You can also take away redeye, and sculpt your face to give it a Hollywood lift, too. Click here to see the article.

September 1st 2006 - New Woman - Love your look!

new woman logo Look AMAZING in all your pics!
Airbrush your photos with this genius new device - goodbye bad face days, hello model looks! Click here to see the service.

August 31 2006 - New scientist blog - Beauty and the digital beast

new scientist blog logo Since the arrival of digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop, professional photographers have been slimming down models’ already pencil-thin physiques and smoothing out the blemishes on their near-perfect faces with ease. But what if every photo posted online was enhanced?
It looks like we might find out sooner rather than later. London-based graphics company Anthropics has quietly launched software that makes any photo of a female face uploaded to this website more attractive. Click here to read the article.

August 16th 2006 - BBC News - From mortal to model

BBC News logo While digital enhancement has been around for years, subtly airbrushing celebrities and models to make them a bit thinner, less spotty or better endowed, the mere mortal has been resigned to, well, looking like a mere mortal.
But new advances in digital enhancement software may mean dodgy snaps could soon be relegated to the photo album of the past. Click here to see the article.

July 2006 - What Digital Camera - News article

what digital camera logo The world's pro photography scene is fast-paced and highly competitive. The number of images requiring that artistic finish for facial enhancement and retouching is vast and growing daily in demand. Hardly surprising therefore that Anthropics' professional suite of picture enhancement software - rapid, cost-effective and with breathtaking results - has caught the attention of photographic industry buffs Click here to see their news article.

July 2006 - Journalist and BBC Technology Correspondent Guy Kewney

mews wireless logo Anne Widdecombe gets a glam makeover - courtesy of Anthropics Never slow to pick up on edgy technology news,'s Guy Kewney seized the opportunity to use revolutionary image processing techniques from Anthropics to give people's favorite Anne Widdecombe a celebrity-style makeover. Anne makes a terrific subject for the consumer version of this new instant-youth-and-beauty software, but has Guy bitten off more than he can chew...? Click here for full article.

July 2006 - Suited phoneys vs honorable technocrats

The Register logo The Register swoops on image perfection technology Tech industry hawks El Reg also noted the advance in technology - never before has such immediate and satisfying improvement been possible with today's leading photo-editing software packages. You can see our mention here - no doubt the first of many...